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Santorini island and Santorini hotels guide

The most famous of Greek islands, indeed maybe of all islands, Santorini (Thera or Thira), is located of the southern edge of Cyclades island cluster in the Aegean Sea, covering 73 square meters and having a population of 14.000 residents approximately.

The island is worldly recognized as one of the most impressive and worth visiting destination is truly breathtaking due to its literally unique morphology created by volcano explosions, its picturesque villages, its beaches and its famous sunsets, especially this of Oia (Ia). In other words, Santorini is a vivid example of nature's bursts.

As well as being the most extraordinary island in the country, it is also the most sophisticated and its characteristic white washed Cycladic houses now have stylish interiors, hidden pools and attract the jet set of the world.
Sunset view in Oia (Ia) in SantoriniThe endless blue during sunset
Santorini differs from the other islands in the group thanks to its geological morphology, the result of action by a volcano now dormant.

The landscape of the western side of the island, where towering cliffs crown by tiny and blindingly-white houses plunge straight into the depths of the sea.

Ancient Thira is a site of great archaeological interest which was occupied by Phoenicians, Dorians, Romans and Byzantines. The site of Akrotiri has yielded the remains of Minoan city destroyed around 1500 BC by an eruption of the volcano on Thira. In effect, this is a prehistoric version of Pompeii buried beneath volcanic ash, with two and three-storeyed houses, with squares, shops, workshops and so on.

Today visitors gather to admire the calderas of Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Ia (Oia) and the amazing sunset that puts the entire sky on fire.

We have put together a selection of hotels, studios and apartments and villas on Santorini island which we have carefully selected during our trips to Santorini and cover a variety of accommodation from a four star hotel to a comfortable studio with cooking facilities. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance while selecting your ideal accommodation on Santorini island.

Reasons why you should visit Santorini
Why visit Santorini
okAdmire the unique view during daytime and sunset
okSwim at beaches formed by the most violent volcanic activity
okEnjoy your stay in hotels of impressive design
okVisit the prehistoric settlement in Akrotiri, inhabited at the middle of the 5th millennium B.C.