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A great variety of restaurants exists in Santorini. One can find small fish taverns, to famous gourmet restaurants with spectacular view of the Aegean Sea and the volcano. Prices, of course, vary accordingly. Please note that eating out in Santorini is usually more expensive than in any other Cycladic island.

Eating out in SantoriniOne of the best places to enjoy fresh fish and a lovely sea view is Amoudi, the small port of Oia (Ia). There are quite a few fish taverns there, placed right on the waterfront, with huge, red and black volcanic rocks surrounding them.

Having a drink
There are many places to choose from in Santorini when deciding to have a drink. There are small cosy bars, lovely coffee bars that also serve during the day and large clubs for those who seek for an exciting night out. Santorini has, perhaps, the best nightlife in the entire Cyclades. After all, it is the island that gathers all kinds of tourists, from backpackers to jet-set.