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Ideas for presents
The volcanic soil of the island of Santorini is ideal for the production of vegetables and grapes. In the island you will find:

Excellent wine - You will see the vineyards everywhere. Santorini wine is very famous and you will find it all over Greece, but it would be a good idea to try the strong local wine. you might findit in a few taverns. It is quite sweet and very strong (it can get up to 18 degrees of alcohol). There are also small winerries (more like family owned small wine production companies) with exhibitions that present you the historical background of wine production and will also let you taste their products.

Chick-peas - Do not forget to taste the famous chick-pea puree, served with onions and olive oil. It is also used to make fried chick-pea balls with oregano.


Knitted goods



Art and Jewllery
There are many galleries on the island with paintings and other art items. there are also many shops with jewllery of unique design, ideal for presents to your loved ones when you get back home.